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Description of Snow Geese

There are two plumage morphs that characterize snow geese:

  • White- known as snow goose
  • Gray/blue- known as blue goose

The white birds are completely white except for their wing tips are black. The blue birds are characterized by grey-blue plumage, except for their head, tail tip, and neck. The immature phase of the blue is slate-gray with little to no white markings.

Both the snow goose and the blue goose have rose-red legs and feet with pink bills. Their bills have black tomia, or cutting edges, which give them what is referred to as a “grin patch.” The colors on the feet, legs, and bill are not as bright on the immature birds as they are on the adults. Their heads can often be stained from the minerals in the soil where they are feeding. These birds are quite vocal- you can hear them over a mile away.

The white goose and blue goose will interbreed and their offspring will be of either morph. At one time, these two colors were considered to be separate species but since they interbreed and are often found together, they have been considered to be two colors of the same species.

The colors are controlled by genetics, with the dark being the result of a single dominant gene and the white being recessive. When they are mating, the young birds will typically choose a mate that looks like their parents. Birds who were hatched into a mixed pair will mate with either one.

The snow goose species has been divided into two subspecies according to their geography and size. Overlaps in size have resulted in some questioning the division. The lesser snow goose is found in the Bering Straits to central northern Canada. The larger of the two is known as the greater snow goose and is found in Northeastern Canada. The wingspan for both of these spans from 53 to 65 inches.

Finding the Right plus Size Clothing Boutique

Finding the right plus size clothing boutique can be a challenge because they often do not have the most fashionable clothes. Every plus size woman knows how hard it is to find clothes because designers usually do not make clothes that fit certain sizes.

When searching for the perfect boutique it is important to make sure that the clothes are fashionable. You should not have to compromise your style because of your size. There should be fabulous fashions for everybody. Luckily, there are boutiques that believe in this motto and create designer clothes for all sizes.

Another thing to consider when shopping for clothes is to make sure that the clothes are affordable. Plus size clothes can be expensive at most boutiques so it is good to find one that has good prices. It is also great to look for sales because most retail stores offer many sales throughout the month.

Since finding the right boutique can be so hard it is good to look for places to shop that have good reviews and have good online stores. Boutiques with good online stores will have many reviews from happy customers. These reviews can be a way to make sure that the company you are shopping at is actually a good one.

It is imperative not to get frustrated when trying to find clothes. There are so many wonderful boutiques that truly know what the plus size women are looking for. The only thing you have to do is find them. These companies are mostly found online because they are trying to reach as many women as possible.

Shopping online can mean better prices and more of a selection. If you are wanting a variety and do not know which boutique to choose, go online and find one with the best reviews.

Why it is best to buy Discount Vaping Products

Since the newest trend of vaping has become available, there have been many companies trying to make huge profits from it. However, it is best for people all over the world to find discount vaping products because the costs for this new habit can add up.

Just like with any habit, vaping can become expensive if it is not done right. There are many things to consider when buying vape. You have to purchase a vaping device, purchase flavors, and so much more. This can add up over time because you have to frequently purchase these things in order to vape.


Vaping is an expensive habit if you do not find cheap vaping products. There are cheap vape products that can be purchased online. These products range from new vape devices to flavors. Finding the best discounts can save money.

Cheap vape products can be found online. There are many companies offering discounts on online vape products. They also offer cheaper prices if vape products are bought in bulk.

Many people are starting their own vape businesses by buying vape products wholesale. Buying products wholesale makes it possible to resell them and make a profit and vape is a great industry to get into right now because everybody wants them.

It is always best to buy any product at a discounted rate because it saves money. The more money you can save the better especially when it comes to a fun habit like vape. There are even opportunities to make a business out of it by purchasing wholesale and starting your own vape company.

The best prices for vapes can be found with coupons and other online sources that provide discounts on these kinds of services.

Aurochs: An ancestor of modern day cattle wiped out


The Aurochs which can be claimed to be the ancestor of the present day cattle was supposed to have evolved in India more than two million years ago. From India it moved to the Middle East and then to Europe around 250000 years ago. It was extremely large sized cattle which has its resemblance in the present day bison. They had characteristic horns with a specific curvature. Its length could have reached over 80 cms in males with a diameter of around 10 cms. By the 13th century AD, they were localized in Poland, Lithuania and East Prussia. Massive hunting of these animals caused their population to dwindle so that an ordinance was passed restricting hunting rights to nobles only. Still their population went on dwindling and hunting was totally outlawed. However the royal court appointed gamekeepers to provide open fields for the aurochs to graze in.

By the year 1564 only 38 aurochs remained out of a population which existed in hundreds of thousands earlier. The last recorded live aurochs died in 1627 in the Jaktorow forest Poland. Its skull was taken away by the Swedish Army and is maintained at Livrustkammaren in Stockholm.

Some attempts were made to breed these aurochs from the domestic cattle were tried in the 1920s by two zookeepers in Germany. They had a plan that an extinct animal could be brought back to existence as long its genes were present in a live population today. Their efforts resulted in a new breed of cattle being created which is known as the Heck cattle after their names. These Heck cattle had no resemblance to the Aurochs. The only animal which can resemble the Aurochs to some extent today is the Indian gaur and the bison. The animal had been hunted down for its horns which had great ornamental value.